16"- (40cm) - Movable but close to the neck

18"- (45cm) - Hangs at the collar bone

20"- (50cm) - Hangs below the collar bone 

22"- (55cm) - Falls right at the top of chest 

24"- (61cm) - Sits right at the chest 

30"- (76cm) - Drops below the chest


7"- (17.78cm)

8"- (20.32cm)

9"- (22.86cm)

Measure your wrist around the widest part using a tape measurer. 

What ever is your wrist circumference plus 2cm is the recommended bracelet length. If you want it to feel more loose, then you can do wrist circumference plus 3cm. 


You can get a piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger. Then you grab a pen and mark the point on the string where the end meets. Then you grab a ruler and use the millimetre side to measure the string. Finally choose the closest measurement to the chart to find your ring size. 

Size 7 - .68" (1.73cm) Diameter 

Size 8 - .72" (1.82cm) Diameter

Size 9 - .75" (1.90cm) Diameter