Jewellery should be kept dry at all times. If your jewellery is not used frequently always store in the packaging provided or in a clean, dry place away from dust. Avoid keeping your jewellery near rubber products. Always remove your jewellery when apply colognes, perfume or any other chemical products. 

Chlorine, at high temperatures can damage or discolour your Gold jewellery. You can keep your jewellery clean by gently using a polishing cloth. Make sure you do not over polish your jewellery because that will ruin the finish.

You can clean it by using a soft non-abrasive cloth, or if your jewellery is very dirty then you can use a soft bristled tooth brush gently, not too hard or it will ruin the finish. Make sure you wipe your jewellery properly before you put it away because water residue can leave stains. 

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